Dream with us beauty…


  • What if you truly felt desirable, attractive, turned on for life and excited to make your mark, show up to yourself and your relationships with confidence, ease and grace?     


  • What if you felt worthy to claim & receive the money you deserve, sourced from divine purpose and passion 


  • What if you knew how to stoke your internal fire to channel your sexuality into your life as an art form 


  • What if your life was filled with beautiful, nurturing connections and collaborations that met you


  • What if you knew how to self source your power, your self regulation, your passion from within


  • Through ritual sensual self care practices we integrate this way of living as priestesses of pleasure, beauty & love.


  • Together we learn more and new pathways to loving ourselves deeper and deeper every day




In this journey we will explore:


  • Unifying and harmonizing the royal aspects of our masculine King (yang) && feminine Queen nature (yin) to come back to the understanding of our whole and completeness.


  • Cultivating our creativity through our connection to our magical erotic innocence and playfullness.


  • Embodying our Royal Feminessence: praising and exploring our pussy's magickal powers and aligning them to our heart and soul’s desires.


  • Finding our modern day Mythos - What does your next best you look like? How does she move? What does Eros look like on her? What sexual super powers does she hold? What healing miracles of love is she ready to perform?


  • Unleashing your hidden desires and fantasies.  


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Hey Boss Babe, 


You are a sassy, saucy bad bitch on a mission to make waves in this world and yet if you are honest you are exhausted from being the Boss all the time.


You feel powerful in serving others, but don't know how to access or make time for your own pleasure. You might feel confused on what your authentic desires are and are afraid of rejection in asking for them to be met. 


Maybe you seem to attract partners that are emotionally unavailable or don’t hold you well in your full wild feminine expression? 


Maybe you get stuck in a routine in the bedroom and you know there are parts of you dying to be unleashed!


Maybe you're stuck on dick mountain and you know you're just complacently staying because the dick is good enough and your partner is safe but you're lacking the passion, heart depth, and  deep pleasure you desire. Your pussy deserves more than good enough dick babe. 


Maybe your pussy is numb, dry, or shut down from neglect or past pain. Your creative juice is turned down or off, and you feel creatively stuck and uninspired. 


Maybe you are making good money, but you are tired, and exhausted or you don’t own your value and charge what you are worth! 


Maybe you want to explore and play with another, but you feel shame, fear, or insecurity with how to approach or connect.


You might be Mommy Dommin’ and Kitchen Wittchen, taking care of everyone else, you just want to catch a break, have some fun and feel sexy again.


You forgot or never knew how to self source through sensual self care. You know there's more passion potential for you and your partner/ lover but you're not sure how to get what you want without coming off needy and so often you can just give up on your needs and do what you are comfortable doing --- taking care of everyone else.

Join us for this 12 week virtual group journey only, or come play with your sisters in our 5 DAY Royal Retreat in Costa Rica where we will dance, adventure and play during the day and dive into sensual rituals and play at night at our 3 house private estate overlooking Lake Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, with private pool, hot tub and more!!  

This program is limited to 18 Saucy Boss Babes….

You must apply for your spot to join us in this once and a lifetime experience. 

Enrollment is open until Feb 18th.

This 3 month group program will be on Tuesday evenings for 2.5 hours from March 1st-24th.

If you are accepted you will be personally contacted by Emily for the next step of your initiation into the program! 

2022 QWINGS: let’s make this the best year of your life. 

Confident, sexy, prosperous, sacred, silly, and powerfully you in your royal essence. 

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Luxury Costa Rica Retreat on Lake Arenal & Volcano

April 18-23rd, 2022 


Join us for a 6 day Exotic Luxury Retreat in the heart of the mountains of Costa Rica. We will bask in the glory and power of the Volcano on a private 3 house estate with pool, and hot tub on Lake Arenal and Volcano. During our time together in Sacred Sisterhood we will be diving into setting our intentions and creating ritual to manifest your aligned Fuck Yes desires. Some of the things to look forward to in our time together are: 


  • Excursions to Hidden Waterfalls and Mineral Hot Springs where we will create initiations into your royal embodiment. 


  • Consensual Containers to explore D/S power dynamics to amplify and integrate your power and play. 


  • Dance, move, and celebrate your body to uplevel your frequency, amplify your pleasure potential and manifest your soulheartsex desires. 


  • Explore and be witnessed in erotic performance and authentic creative expression.


  • Come and get juiced up and SEXY with us! 


Price includes your lodging, 80% percent of your catered meals, retreat activities, and travel via bus to location and excursions.

Price of Program 


3k Full Price Group Program

No Payment Plan


Group Program & Retreat 

$7500 Full Price Paid in Full 

$8500 Payment Plan over 3 Months

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Are you ready to slice that shit with your swords of love so you can:

Empower and entitle your body, heart, and soul to pleasure?

Be seen and celebrated by others that want you in your full erotic expression?

To make an abundance of money with ease connected to your passion and play?

Qwing, we want you to feel your full fuck yes power to life. We want to invoke the juicy juice that makes life worth living…your juice from within! 


When you own your sexuality and embody your Feminessence, you liberate the wild within. 


We are the Qwings that inherited this Earth, passion and pleasure is our birthright, it is our responsibility to model authentic, sovereign power for the generations of girls that come after us.

About Your Fabulous Facilitators

I mean, seriously.... 12 weeks with these pu$$y commanders and OMG...

Emily Orum

Founder of The Heart Ninja, Emily is a pioneer and expert of sexual self mastery, intimacy, love, personal empowerment, and alternative lifestyle relating. She embraces and holds the vision of a world of radical acceptance, inclusion, harmony, belonging and celebration within each other’s differences. She aims to empower each individual to own their authentic truth, s3x, and design and create their own unique love style.

Moonshine Bliss Kitten

Moonshine Isodi has many titles for the many talents and gifts she has to share with the world. In our community we will call her Bliss Kitten, serving as our resident Pussy Witch. She is a certified holistic sexual education, orgasm, intimacy & tantra coach. Her background is in non violent communication, neuro- linguistic programming, somatic sexual healing & empowerment. Bliss Kitten is a tantric priestess of pleasure, specializing in womb healing, pleasure potential, and feminine embodiment practices.

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(Abundance, Self worth, self-love, money, abundance sourced from divine purpose)

Power up your Pussy Portal for heightened manifestation and make $$$ with ease.


(self-care, self-love, self- nurturance, self-pleasure, self embodiment)

Find and Source your own pleasure to cultivate a life of love and joy.


(joy, creative/ sexual expression, humor, magikal inner child)

Return to your magickal innocence while creating the fantasies you’ve dreamed of as an adult.


(self-worth, authenticity, truth, desire, union of sex, soul, heart)

Embody your Inner Royal Union to create life and love on your terms.

3 months to Erotic Awakening and Royal Embodiment

Enrollment Closed. Sign up to get on Waitlist!
Enrollment Closed. Sign up to get on Waitlist!