Transforming Shame, Sabotage, and Codependency into Deep Love, Passionate Sex, & Aligned Connection

Dear HeART Ninja, 


There is a calling in your heart and soul to actualize your full authentic power and pleasure potential. 


You know you are different and have never fit into the “box” of what has been thwarted upon you from your family of origin and conditioning. 


You know deep down you are a leader, a lover, and a one of a kind innovative artist. 


As you face this truth, and learn to believe in yourself, you know you can’t work at a job that doesn’t fuel your highest purpose. Nor can you stay in a relationship that does not support your highest growth and evolution. 


You have spent many years in relationships that have been challenged, toxic, and sucked your life force. 


You want ease and mutuality in your connections that inspire and motivate you to be your best self. 


You have past trauma that has hindered your ability to be open and free in your full truth and sexuality. 


There may be parts of you that detest your body or are highly critical of yourself and full of shame. 


Deep down you feel unworthy, helpless, and lost on how to actualize the freedom, pleasure, and relationships you desire. 


You want to have deep, meaningful connections and or a devotional partner and yet it feels so far far from your grasp.


There might be a way you are confused or uncertain what your authentic truth is around your sexual preferences, gender orientation, and or relationship configuration. 


Without the “meaning” you have made from your past, the shoulds, shame, guilt, and fear: 


Who are you at your core essence? 

What is your authentic truth? 

What are your authentic soulheartsex desires? 

How do you want to run your energy in sex and relationship? 


This is where I come in as The Heart Ninja to support you to find your core essential self. To transform the limiting thoughts, patterns, beliefs, and trauma that has stopped you from having the love, sex, and intimacy you crave. 


As your muse and coach I will hold you accountable with new life affirming tools and practices that will quickly support you to manifest what you desire. 


Are you ready to embody and strengthen your swords of love?


Your time is limited on this Planet, it’s up to you to  create the most fulfilling life, love, and sex of your dreams! 


You are worthy! 


Sign up below for me to get in contact with you to find out what you are wanting and needing and how I can be of service to your evolution. 










How Do I Work?

Depending on my availability and what you need, I offer:

  • In person conscious kink, bodywork, and somatic healing sessions, 
  • Remote Coaching Via Zoom, 
  • What’s App/ Telegram Support. 
  • Practices and Tools that support your highest evolution. 








    What I Offer In Our Work Together:


          Royal Embodiment

  • Align and Actualize Your Highest and Best Self, 
  • Create Your Aligned Fuck Yes Life & Relationships, 
  • Connect & Harmonize your Inner Masculine (King), Feminine (Queen), and Magical Inner Child. 


         Erotiq Aliveness & Integration

  • Conscious Kink & BDSM, 
  • Role Play, 
  • Trauma & Parts Work Integration, 
  • Polarity Play- D/S Dynamics,  
  • Body/ Energy & Somatic Healing,  
  • Pain into Pleasure Alchemy, 
  • Sex Magick Manifestation. 


        Collaborative Win- Win Connection

  • Emotional, Somatic, and Erotiq Intelligence,  
  • Communication and Conscious Connecting Tools, 
  • Design & Create Your Unique Love Style,  
  • Tools for Successful Poly/ Open relating,  
  • Reconcile Your Authentic Sexuality & Expression. 




Who Do I work With?

I specialize in working with: 


  • Boss Babes- Powerful Fem Leaders ready to embody their power, pleasure, and play. 
  • Recovering “Nice Guys” who want to own their power and authentic expression. 
  • Individuals unclear on their sexual and relational orientation and are wanting to find who they truly are. (Queer, Non Binary, Fem/ Masculine Identified, poly,  open, monogomish etc.) 
  • Couples that want to create greater love, closeness, and passion within their relationship. 


I'm Ready To Dive In!