Ej Love

Many years ago Emily helped me transition out of a super codependent relationship. When I was ready to start getting back out there to date she helped me push past my avoidant tendencies and fear. I was able to embrace my vulnerability, playfulness, and intimacy needs that I had been repressing! She helped me reclaim my feminine essence and let her desires lead the way. I am now in the partnership of my dreams. 

Ashae Sundara

With Emily’s support, I calibrated to the epic love warrior inside of me. She held an immaculate container. I upleveled my emotional resilience, tools for open relating, personal ownership, and depth of care for myself and others. Oh, and not to mention, my business boomed!

Bre Reilly

Emily’s greatest gift is vulnerability, authenticity, and full expression. She has shown me my full truth and potential by letting go of “performing” as a defense mechanism to gain love and approval. I wanna be a part of everything Emily does, she is truly an amazing and talented woman! 

Nicole Alise

After working with many practitioners without progress, Emily was the only one that was able to help me know how to transform my pain all the way through into pleasure. She lives and embodies what she teaches! I fully lost myself in a toxic marriage resulting in extreme body challenges and illness. Emily hs helped me learn new tools of self- love that are healing me from the inside out.